If you have read the ‘Home’ page, you will know that Lynne is an internationally recognised breeder of German Shepherd Dogs, who has actively played a part in the introduction of breeding controls for registered German Shepherd Dogs in South Africa. Her kennels are located between Waterfall and Hillcrest, which is near Pinetown, Kwa Zulu Natal, in South Africa.

In the belief that a dog should be sound in both body and mind, Lynne is committed to the improvement of temperament in the breed, without neglecting the need for soundness of conformation. Utilising both ‘Show’ and ‘Working’ bloodlines, Lynne carefully considers the selection of a stud for each of her bitches. Considerations include temperament, health and conformation, bearing in mind suitability for the requirements of her clients.

UPDATE: Puppies are no longer available from Sunbury, but information regarding alternative breeders can be offered. You are welcome to contact Lynne Milne (Cell 082 966 3277 or eMail: sunburygsd@icloud.com