Lynne has been actively showing, training and competing with her dogs for over sixty years. She has continued to develop and embrace new training methods. Lynne’s approach through the understanding of how dogs learn and behave through instinct is often instrumental in finding the best method to train and deal with the most difficult of dogs.

Lynne encourages people to join a reputable club where you will gain the benefit and fun of training and progressing with your dog. Lynne has experience in obedience, protection and working trials training. She no longer offers in-house training but is happy to offer advice by telephone or email whenever requested. Lynne has written a book with simple explanations to help with understanding and training a puppy or adult dog. It is titled ‘Training Without Tears’ and is available from the book section of this site.

If you are in the Durban area of KwaZulu Natal, RSA, and would like to take your dog for lessons, Lynne recommends the Natal GSD Club. Experienced and friendly trainers offer enjoyable classes for socializing young puppies, learning how to train your dog in obedience using kind methods. Held on Saturday afternoons in the quiet and secure grounds of Glenmore Primary School at 56 Feilden Drive in Durban.

For further information, please contact Tracey on 083 788 6847 or George on 083 677 7009.

Training Without Tears

by Lynne Milne
Third Edition

Lynne has written this book principally for owners acquiring a new puppy, in the firm belief that “As the twig is bent; so grows the tree”. However, she does not believe that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Because of the gentle methods suggested, any dog, of any age, can learn easily and happily.

The information is offered in the hope of encouraging owners to begin training their puppies from as young as seven weeks of age. She is convinced that early training is the best and most painless way of achieving an obedient and happy adult dog, rather than correcting problems at a later stage. “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”.

During most of her seventy-something years, she has had the joy and privilege of being busy with many dog-related activities. She has enjoyed training and competing in several different disciplines with many of her dogs.

When she was introduced to the world of obedience training of dogs, so very long ago, the normally accepted methods were very hands-on. These were in the days of what you might call ‘pull-and-push’ training. Today it is a different story. The dogs are lured into the required behaviour and rewarded for the desired response, making it far less stressful for both dogs and their owners.

In this third edition of ‘Training Without Tears’ some of the wording has been updated in the hope that it will further clarify how to use the kindly methods of inducement. Certain photos have been added for the same reason.

Lynne begs your forgiveness for emotionally indulging herself with many of the photos. Whilst some are of her current dogs, many are of dogs from years ago and they evoke special memories for her.

Grateful thanks are offered to Funda Nenja for allowing the use of many of their photos. It is an amazing outreach initiative in Kwa Zulu Natal and you are encouraged to visit their Facebook page:

The following videos are of a nine-week-old puppy named Quest. Using the methods that are advocated in the book, these short videos show his progress after just one week of training.

Heel & Sit
Sit and Stay
Down & Stay