Our Dogs

Trygg of Sunbury

Born 06 February 2020

Skyra of Sunbury

Born 15 June 2019

Peri of Sunbury

Born 27 September 2014

And a couple who are no more …..

Enja of Sunbury

24 January 2011 to 26 October 2023

All Bozrah vom Haus Kirschental

Imported from Germany and of the world-renowned Kirschental sheep herding lines.

Kkl 1 AD BH Hips A+

Bozrah qualified the Aptitude Test with ‘Excellent’ and was awarded a Gold ‘Canine Good Citizen’ certificate.

His Sire did IPO and his Dam herded Sheep

19 September 2007 to 29 April 2018

Loving and loyal all his days

Ovambo vom Kirschental

01 July 1998 to 23 November 2011

Remembering Our precious ‘old man’